Privacy Policy

• Kamalnishth Sansthan owns Kamalvani 90.4 FM, India ‘s first and leading public FM radio brand. Kamalnishth Sansthan set up India ‘s first public gramin FM station when it started broadcasting Kamalvani 90.4 FM in Kolsiya. Taking the lead to offer a distinctive listening experience Kamalvani 90.4 FM differentiated music offers listeners along with a fresh outlook, Kamalvani 90.4 FM, giving listeners a unique and uniform brand experience, in line with the vision of creating a national brand.
• In an endeavor to harness new technologies to connect through music with its chosen audience, Kamalnishth Sansthan has recently forayed into the domain of the Internet with Kamalvani 90.4 FM . Kamalvani Radio 90.4 FM is India’s Music Portal that offers users information, entertainment and interactivity The site is targeted not just at the passionate, serious music lover, keen on information and discovering new music but also musicians and music enthusiasts – experts and amateurs. The website offers unique applications and features hitherto missing from music websites of Indian origin. In short, 90.4 FM is a one-stop shop for music lovers and musicians. Should you have any questions concerning this privacy policy, please email us at ..