Director, R&D dept., Kamalnishtha Sansthan

Dr Sangita Choudhary, besides being an executive member of Kamalnishtha Sansthan, is also a director of their R & D department. In this role, she handles the projects on all levels, including proposal writing, execution of the project, and reporting of the same. She also strives for innovative excellence to work for the objectives of the Sansthan and also handles the collaborations. She holds a Doctorate in the field of Mathematics and is an active researcher in Fractional Calculus. Besides being highly motivated and active in the teaching profession she is dedicated to women’s education and their empowerment. Her efforts are always towards a green and clean planet while working for the betterment and upliftment of the society.

  • Area of research: Mathematics:- Fractional Calculus, Dynamical System, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations.
  • Awards/ Achievements:
  • ͽ Recipient of DAE-National Board for Higher Mathematics fellowship for Ph.D.
  • ͽ Awarded by SP Pune University and Nasik Mathematical Society for securing 1st position in B.Sc. (Maths-honors) among all colleges under SP Pune University in 2010.
  • ͽ Published 6 research articles all in reputed international journals.
  • Attended 18 workshops and presented papers/ and posters in 7 national and international conferences.
Member, R & D dept., Kamalnishtha Sansthan

Bhuvnesh Doot, besides handling other responsible positions in the Sansthan is also a key member of the R & D department. In this role, he works on projects from proposal writing to the execution stage. Also, work on updating the Sansthan with changing time and innovations. He is a Petroleum Engineer by profession and work with MNC’s. Being very close to the land and farming, he always has been sensitive towards social issues. He is a social worker and always striving to do something to bring a positive change in the lives of the local society and people around the area.

  • ͽ Write to me on:
  • ͽ Languages: Hindi, English, Rajasthani.
  • ͽ Education Qualification: B.Tech. in Petroleum Engineering.
  • ͽ Profession: Working as a Petroleum Engineer.